Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Providing Woman

Once upon a time(perhaps about two years ago), I bought some canvases and some supplies for a would-be commission. The woman changed her mind and at the time I was a bit angry at what happened. Eventually I moved and that bunch of supplies ended up in my closet in the back. I was cleaning the other night and when I found this stuff I was so thrilled. I found two unused 16" x 20" canvases, still in their wrapping, some smaller canvas boards and that is 12" x 24". I also found the 18" x 24" canvas of the would-be commission.

At one time or another I may have sketched a still life onto the12" x 24" board but when I removed it from the closet I saw something different. Anyway, last night, I grabbed a piece of charcoal and set to work drawing in some bold lines which I later went over with a fine brush. I finished this piece quickly because it was a small canvas to begin with and I didn't have to worry about excruciating details. I'm pleased with it the way it turned out. It's definitely different looking.

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Peter said...

Hi there

Many thanks for your comments to my blog. I really like your art here... so good to see something different and inspiring.