Sunday, April 15, 2012

Triptych: The Guardians, The Ghost and The Wandering Heart

 Oil on canvas
Each canvas is 36 by 12 inches

Finally complete, this triptych took a lot of effort on my behalf. It also took a long time for me to finish because I only worked on it here and there for the past year. However, I'm rather proud of the outcome. I'm not sure if I'll be doing more triptychs in the future but I already have an idea for a series. Long before the completion of this project I came up with a bit of prose for this particular piece which I post below.

The Guardians, The Ghost and the Wayward Heart.

Suns and moons of eons go by. Cumulus formations adrift in a sky composed of many shades of blues. I see them all passing by as I sit here, chained and rooted.

The Guardians, women in white dresses that billow in the breezes of ages, do not speak to me. The emotionless masks they wear has worn me down. In the beginning when time was a child, I spoke to them incessantly, tirelessly, yet they never answer. They are stones eternal upon which I cast my crumbling hopes.

My heart, stored in a canopic jar in the shape of an ancient deity left me a long time ago. It travels in the hands of others, passing place to place, person to person - a wanderer in its own right. A wayward heart that will never return home.

I am alone here except for the ghost of my lover that torments me. Wordlessly it hovers in front of me and in shame I don my own emotionless mask. The forgiveness I yearn for will never be given.

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