Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm on Amazon!

I don't have any art to post this time but I do have some exciting news. A while ago I illustrated a cover for a novel. I met the author while working in Long Island a few years ago. While we worked in the same building, it was at different companies. We became friends of sort because we saw each other everyday. She asked me to do a cover illustration of her book and so it was published soon after. I more or less lost touch after I stopped working there despite the once in a while email. However, it was brought to my attention on Friday that my friend's book is on and I listed as the illustrator. How cool is that?!

The book is called The Cost of Love by Leroia and here is the link -


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Valisa said...

I got a copy!!!

Valisa said...

Oh, of course, I will need you to sign it. :)